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Canada Intercontinental Financial, one of the leading professional financial service companies, offers sophisticated financial solutions to our affluent individuals. We have partnered with various financial institutions, accounting service firms, and legal service firms to build up a full service professional team.

Canada Intercontinental Financial provides customer-oriented service. Based on your needs, our professionals offer unique and valuable financial plans, helping you to achieve your desired financial goals.


We take care of you

Canada Intercontinental Financial, as a third party Financial Service Company, provides financial solutions, including Cash flow solutions, tax solutions, and risk management, to private clients.

The business divisions offer diverse solutions and products across all major traditional and alternative strategy classes, specializing in retirement planning, home buying program, loan Program , education program, insured retirement program (IRP) and tax planning.

With high reputations and credibility, Canada Intercontinental Financial has won the favor over many professional teams and partners.

Our goal is to provide the most valuable financial solutions, customized meet your own needs.


we take care of you

Emergency Hospital Insurance

Visitor to Canada

Healthcare costs in Canada can be expensive if you’re not covered by a Canadian government healthcare plan. Make sure you have the proper visitor insurance coverage to help protect you and your family and enjoy a secure stay in Canada.

Emergency Hospital Insurance

International Student to Canada

Studying abroad is exciting and adventurous. Make sure you have the right insurance coverage for your journey while in Canada.

Emergency Hospital Insurance

Canadian Travellers

It may not come as a surprise that your provincial health plan may not cover your health care costs incurred outside of Canada, but did you also know that you could have limited coverage when traveling to other provinces/territories within Canada? Make sure you are properly covered when travelling abroad or from your home province.


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