JF Elite Plus Family to Canada

Make sure you have the right insurance coverage for your time in Canada.


  • Be a Parent or spouse or dependent child of a student a student studying at an accredited Canadian educational institution
  • Residing in the same city in Canada as the student
  • Age 4 to age 59
  • Be in good health

Coverage Limit

  • $5,000,000 policy coverage limit
  • 90 days stable pre-existing conditions included
  • Coverage for trips outside of Canada if 51% of coverage period is spent in Canada

Highlight of Benefits

 Benefits Coverage
 Coverage Limit

Emergency medical treatment for sickness or injury

Up to policy maximum

Hospital accommodation

Semi-private accommodation

Private duty registered nurse

Up to $15,000

Transportation to emergency bedside for 1 family member

Up to $5,000

Follow-up treatment related to prior emergency

Up to $3,000

Paramedical service – chiropodist, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist or podiatrist

Up to $600/practitioner when minimum of 183-days of coverage purchased.

Acupuncture treatment

Up to $600 when 365-day coverage is purchased

Annual physician visit

Up to $150 in a 12 month period

Prescription drugs

Up to $10,000 to a limit of a 30-day supply

Eye examination

Up to $100 in a 12-month period

Eyeglasses and hearing aid

Up to $200 to repair or replace as a result of an accident

Treatment of Dental Accident

Up to $5,000 (Up to $600 for dental pain)

Impacted wisdom teeth

Up to $150 per tooth extraction


Up to $1,000 for outpatient psychological therapy and up to $25,000 for psychiatric hospitalization

Maternity (if pregnancy commenced during coverage period)

Up to $10,000 for pre-natal care, complication and involuntary termination

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