Important Notice! Fraudulent Insurance Policies

It has been brought to our attention recently that somebody is selling fake insurance policies using our brand. This is a crime and it is illegal, and we encourage those to report this to the authorities by following the steps provided by the Government of Canada. Please also contact us and provide us with all the details of the sale interaction so we can also report it to the appropriate authorities.

Here are some tips on how a buyer can confirm the agent and the authenticity of the insurance policy purchased:

  1. Make sure you are purchasing from a licensed insurance agent.
  2. The agent contact that sold your policy should be the same as the one listed on your Confirmation of Insurance.
  3. Pay attention to any inconsistent font sizes and typos in your Confirmation of Insurance.
  4. You should receive an email containing your confirmation of insurance, policy and claim documents directly from the email: /
  5. You can confirm your policy is genuine by logging on to the following site with your policy number and birthday at after the policy is issued.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 905-707-1512 or

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